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God dammit I like this park by: Jason Ranft
Justin Bieber by: Jason Ranft
@lil Wayne & me boys 4 life by: Jason Ranft
✊💦🚗 by: Jason Ranft
#woodlife @jeff__hammond @jayhammond @s__l__w @kin... by: Jason Ranft
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Jason Ranft is a life-long skateboarder born and raised in Miami, with 25 years of shredding under his belt. In his constant search for new terrain to skate, his interest in riding naturally began to include building, and in 1997 Jason began his career as a ramp and skatepark builder. He's worked as a member of Team Pain on prominent projects such as X Games, MTV Sports & Music Fest, and Ultra Music Fest. Outside of Team Pain, Jason has developed a relationship with Lil Wayne and has been personally building Wayne's ramps at his homes for the past few years, not to mention a bowl for Michelle Pheiffer's son. Jason works in all facets of building and design, and is comfortable with both wood and concrete.